Village de Tharoiseau

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Statistics for the site

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Statistics for


It is very rare that sites publish their own statistics visits ... We wish to inform you also that transparency there.

Comments and overviews of the webmaster:
The hosting platform has changed the end of May 2010, only the figures from June 2010 are therefore full months.
June 2010 was the first month "official".
So the last 10 months there has been over 220 visits / day and more than 6700 visits per month.
Over 4 page views per visit, which is constantly growing.
The site had no significant updates in the period January 2011 - May 2011 which is easily seen. Still, the number of daily visits is stable 130visites / day on the last 3 months instead of the 250 recorded for several months.

Most viewed pages:

Statistics visits were set to zero by July 2010.
This page has been viewed over 1,350 times since its creation July 30, 2010. With an average of more than 150/month!
Very good figures are usually identified on the articles "news" that are seen a hundred times in the week of publication. These articles have a short life but the fact remains that the navigation is responsive (thank you to you through two main vehicles that are Google and newsletters).

Summary Period: 12 months maximum Statistiques du site


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