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La vérité agace plus que le mensonge

Madame de Pompadour

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Membership in the association "Friends of TharoiseauVillage"

  1. Friends? Why?

    Friends support and encourage, also sometimes they involved. Here is simple: It is to participate in operating costs by spreading them among us. Also allow the exchange of ideas, writing articles. But it is also an opportunity to show a small vllage can be creative and innovative, open to other ideas and affecting the lifestyle of the district, region or even the planet ... In return you will receive "gifts" that we will discover in the "News" and the quarterly newsletter. So do not hesitate too much! Come!

  2. Statute and budget

    To read the articles it is here and for the budget that's where!

  3. How to join ?

    To join the association and help the durability of the site simply click on one of the three types of membership below or send us your membership by mail filling and printing the membership form by clicking here.

    Warning: If mailing you kindly add the article "postal" (reference: ASSENVSM) for the consideration of this application.
    Iimportant notice: if the "Membership" is anonymous, it can not be seen as an endorsement, but as a contribution as a gift.

  4. How to pay ?

  5. Payment is simple and secure on the site of our financial partner is Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account you can still make the payment with a credit card (CB, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Carte Aurore, Cofinoga Privilege or 4 stars). All this is simple, yet is explained in a few pictures here.
    Note: If you want to create a PayPal account it will not be longer: a few clicks, and then after you sign this helps for other purchases without using your credit card! Everything is explained here.

  6. Benefits of joining the Friends of TharoiseauVillage

  7. If you leave your contact information (email) we will send you directly to the quarterly newsletter by email.
    If you want: a free and unlimited e-mail address on tharoiseauvillage (with webmail and spam) in your name (or nickname for your convenience).
    Discounts on the shop and small gifts when shopping ...
    Various offers during your visits around to find browsing the site

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  9. Two membership levels are available, flexible and optional donations can meet your needs, a mailing option completes the picture. Have you read the articles? It's here!

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    Adhésion membre bienfaiteur
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    It is the mark of your strong encouragement for the site to act unhindered financial and shine!

    Don libre (tranche de 20 euros)
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    This product is either a support made ​​anonymously, or it completes membership selected above.

    Frais de port ATV annuel
    5,00 EUR
    Select only if you prefer to receive information by mail rather than email. Is rather reserved for those who have not (yet ...) email addresses. This fee covers one year printing and mailing of ballots in France (4/year) and invitations to the meeting. [Remember to fill out the correct address fields when validating your purchase]. Note: Take two for oversea.

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